Thursday, February 23, 2012


1. Don’t express your opinion freely and unsought.

2. Don’t feel superior to three of your best friends.

3. Do not eat alone.

4. Read front-page murder stories.

5. Be interested in tests like this.

6. Talk about your aspirations, disappointments and 

7. Don’t barrow often.

8. Don’t be a “Dutch treat” addict.

9. When you describe something that has happened, don’t give every small detail.

10. Entertain even if entertaining costs money.

11. Don’t pride yourself upon your absolute frankness.

12. Be fond of children (not your own).

13. Don’t keep people waiting when you have an appointment with them.

14. Don’t play practical jokes.

15. Never think if silly for middle-aged people to fall in love.

16. Don’t cordially dislike more than seven people.

17. Never nurse grudges.

18. Use frequently such as words “awfully,” “dreadfully,” “terribly.”

19. Never be irritated to telephone operators and salesmen.

20. Don’t consider stupid and uninteresting the people who do not share your enthusiasm for music, books, sports.

21. Never break your word as often as you keep it.

22. Never criticize often, and to their faces, your family, your best friends, and your employees.

23. Don’t be depressed or discouraged when things go badly.

24. Be altogether glad of the success of your friends (when you are out of luck).

25. Indulge in interesting gossip.


Special Credit to: Julio F. Silverio

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